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Peter Boyle

Peter Boyle is a freelance copywriter and conversion optimisation specialist.
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Written by Peter Boyle | December 22, 2016

4 Marketing Hacks to Battle High Bounce Rates and Low Engagement

New year, age-old problems. Battling bounce rates is the perennial fight that troubles any marketer; to get 2017 off to a great start, we lift the lid on four lesser-discussed hacks that could hold the secret to lower bounce rates and higher engagement on your website.

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Topics: eCommerce, Marketing, increase conversions, exit-intent, CRO, bounce rates, conversion optimisation, onsite remarketing, overlays

Written by Peter Boyle | September 29, 2016

40 Headlines that Generate Interest, Clicks and Increase Conversions

We’ve put together 40 types of headlines that will help you grab your audience’s attention, elicit that all important click and then increase your conversions.

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Topics: Types of headlines, headlines to increase conversions

Written by Peter Boyle | June 3, 2016

How to Combat Form Abandonment in Online Financial Services

Forms are crucial to the success of your online finance site. Follow these smart tips and you'll reduce form abandonment and increase conversions on your financial service site.

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Topics: Reduce form abandonment, Online finance, online financial services

Written by Peter Boyle | June 2, 2016

The 6 Quickest Ways to Increase Average Order Values in Online Retail

We’ve gone over six tried and tested methods online retailers can use to increase average order values and get the quickest eCommerce revenue gains possible. 

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Topics: customer experience, increase average order values, Online Retail

Written by Peter Boyle | April 7, 2016

Why Travel Sites Must Embrace Mobile and Cross-Device to Satisfy Customers

As travel site users’ behaviour continues to evolve, we take a look at why travel - more so than any other industry - has to embrace mobile and cross-device optimisation.

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Topics: Mobile, Travel, cross-device, mobile optimisation, Online Travel, Travel Optimisation