Written by Alegria Adedeji | May 12, 2017

#FollowFriday: 20 of the best tech trends accounts to follow today

The tech industry is tastemaker for what we wear, want and use in our day to day. As a marketer, it's essential to stay one step ahead and adapt to the many exciting changes ahead. Check out our favourite accounts to keep you on trend...

#FollowFriday Tech Trends


Director of Global Marketing and Communications at Clean Master shares his infomative, and often comical, articles: 


The seasoned journalist and CEO of digital branding agency Barrett Digital, shares how to stay on-trend but true to your brand: 



The speaker and author shares his industry insight and latest articles:



The Inc Contributing Editor shares the latest articles and tips for business success: 



The WiRED editor-at-large shares clips of his celebrated talks and industry hot topics: 



Host of Bloomberg Technology shares interviews with the latest online influencers: 



The Verge editor shares his favourite articles (and memes): 



Updates and content on the latest trends and consumer habits: 



Articles from women in tech and the news as it happens: 



The Verge Editor shares video content and articles to inspire out-of-the-box ways to communicate:



Follow for tech articles and the latest business news: 



Must follow for social media-led content and video updates:



The seasoned journalist shares his favourite news posts and industry forecasts:


Follow for the newest (and weirdest) trends in tech: 


Apple's Chief Digital Officer shares the must-reads as they happen:



Voted Inc's #1 Woman to Watch in Tech, great follow for news and women in STEM: 



The tech publication favourites shares its most recent videos and reviews: 



Constantly working to demystify the tech world, a must-follow for the latest news and gadgets: 



The Bloomberg Tech journalist shares his most recent articles:  



Great follow for easy-to-read tech op-eds and the latest news: 


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