Written by Sam Bennett | April 6, 2016

11 Need-to-Know Magento Extensions for Your eCommerce Store

Finding the best Magento extensions isn’t easy, to give you a helping hand we’ve selected 11 need-to-know extensions to optimise your Magento eCommerce store.

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Written by Demis Bhojoo | March 8, 2016

Empowering Yieldify with Data: What has Looker done for us?

Business Intelligence Analyst Demis Bhojoo looks at how Looker has changed the way we work at Yieldify by empowering employees with easily accessible data.

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Topics: Yieldify, Data, Looker, Business intelligence

Written by Jay Radia | February 9, 2016

How Yieldify Grew by 110% in 2015 by Making Every Interaction Count

Yieldify’s vision has never solely been about our technology.


It’s about empowering our customers to create great experiences online.


Our mission is to create smart and simple technology products that predict customer behavior and optimize customer experience with brand revenue.

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Written by Ky Ismet | September 8, 2015

How M&S Achieved a 13x Increase On ROI with Exit-Intent Overlays

Yieldify Account Director Ky Ismet reveals how M&S boosted their revenue using exit-intent technology.

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Topics: Yieldify, Awards, increase conversions, cart abandonment, Marks and Spencer, exit-intent, M&S, CRO

Written by Peter Boyle | August 27, 2015

Turn Your USP into a UVP and Skyrocket Your Conversions

Does your website struggle to keep hold of your audience’s attention? Here we explore how you can keep customers on the hook and skyrocket conversions by defining your unique value proposition.


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Topics: Consumer Behaviour, Yieldify, Marketing, Conversions, USP, UVP, Unique Value Proposition, Data, audience research, split testing