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Written by Yieldify | August 16, 2016

Introducing Predict & Convert - Making Onsite Remarketing Smart and Simple

Introducing our new product, Predict and Convert, the business insights tool that identifies, predicts and optimises eCommerce onsite remarketing campaigns.

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Topics: onsite remarketing, predict and convert

Written by Lubomir Malo | August 9, 2016

Why Organizations Fail to Build Great Digital Teams

Our Senior Product Manager, Lubomir Malo, explains where organizations are going wrong when hiring digital talent - and how they can go about improving their digital recruitment.

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Topics: Digital Marketing, Recruitment

Written by Sam Bennett | July 15, 2016

When Personalisation Gets Creepy (plus 3 Ways to Personalise Properly)

A few examples of when personalisation oversteps the boundaries, making customers uncomfortable in the process - plus 3 actionable steps to personalising pleasingly.

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Topics: Personalisation, customer experience

Written by Peter Boyle | June 3, 2016

How to Improve Customer Experience and Increase Brand Loyalty as an Online Retailer

In online retail, engendering loyalty leads to repeat purchases and recurring revenue - try these tips to improve your customer experience and increase loyalty.

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Topics: Brand Loyalty, customer experience, Online Retail, Increase loyalty

Written by Peter Boyle | June 3, 2016

How to Combat Form Abandonment in Online Financial Services

Forms are crucial to the success of your online finance site. Follow these smart tips and you'll reduce form abandonment and increase conversions on your financial service site.

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Topics: Reduce form abandonment, Online finance, online financial services